It seemed inevitable
to end up living on the edge of the world
Flinders Island remote as an island
Bass Strait, and now
Tasmania is home To be precise
‘Up north in Killiecrankie’ Rugged and beautiful
Where challenge stares you
in the face, voices past
The old people say
‘This place, these islands
get a holt’on ya.’
Who doesn’t love a good story
Who doesn’t seek wild.

After more than six decades of adventures in music and performance, Making Wings is my good story and we are celebrating twenty years since the album was released, with this Bandcamp re-release.

We are also celebrating Making Wings’ award of the Inaugural 2003 Bell Jazz Award for Best Australian CD.

There are twelve original Didgi Pak hard copies available.

To follow, will be a newly discovered and mastered live performance of Making Wings, recorded at Montsalvat Artists Colony in LISTEN ON bandcamp


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