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The Journey
The Musicians

The Musicians

Having an idea of the 'sound' of the songs somewhere in my mind helped when it came to developing and recording the material.

Howard Cairn's Bass sound is rich and dark. He is a wonderfully expressive musician, with an understanding of most music styles, in particular, gospel, blues and jazz.

Nicola Eveleigh and I have played together in the Wild dog band and Lighthouse. She weaves melodic responses with passion and creative imagination. Her bass flute sound is uniquely beautiful. for more info

Sandro Donati was also a key part of the sound of Wild dog and Lighthouse. In this group, his harmonised trumpet joins Howard and Nicola to create a warm bed of sound that stretches like the sea and land. His solo statements are melodic and intelligent.

Michael Jordan
understands how to play stories, sung or spoken. His drumming is supportive, with deliciously delicate accents, yet strong and informed. In the many years that we have played and recorded together we have developed quite an intuitive musical relationship.

Denis Close, perfect timing and a joy to work with. His unassuming nature belies a passion and deep sensitivity for the rhythms and sounds of Latin percussive instruments. He adds cheeky comments to our musical conversations.

Doug DeVries
is a virtuoso of stringed instruments, whose sense of appropriateness, and invention, enabled the development of the work. Doug makes simple ideas sound beautiful and is always ready to maintain the integrity of the original intentions. for more info

Special Thanks
to Brian Brown, Bob Sedergreen and Tony Gould for recording some special songs, that I felt from the beginning, belonged to each one of them. see

Through our music, a bed of sound, the feeling shifting and changing, like a sandy bottom beneath unsettled waters, we make our lyric journey. Learning with fragments and images of history, how to sail through a dangerous past.