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Judy Jacques
' new CD 'Making Wings' further strengthens her place in the contemporary Australian music scene. This collection of original compositions, augmented by several traditional songs, is inspired by the search into her own ancestral past as well as the rich history of the remarkable islands of Bass Strait.

Her exhaustive personal and historical research has culminated in songs of striking beauty and depth. The subject matter, treated with a poet's sensibility, has lyrics pared down to the essence. Amazingly, Judy's voice keeps getting better!

The Musicians

Her deep sensual tone invokes a personal intimacy that goes to the heart of the matter. Her mastery of dynamics has her whispering love songs one minute, then voicing powerful gospel melisma the next.

Her CD 'Making Wings' is an authoritative and beautiful work. This collaboration with her musicians and special guests creates music that is hard to define. Careful listening will, however, reveal hints of art song, gospel, improvised soundscapes, and use of narrative through song and spoken text.

The response so far...

'I didn't know music could be this good'
Roger Taylor 3RRR

'...What makes Jacques' performance so captivating is the emotional connection she has with its content. Whether she is paying homage to her late grandfather or singing a traditional Aboriginal song that mimics bird calls, Jacques' presentation melds passion and sincerity with a deep respect for the people whose lives she is exploring...'

The Age Sept.17thJessica Nicholas review of Montsalvat concert,

'..."Wings are well arranged things," says the album cover's footnote - a comment which applies to the CD within. The soundscape is mostly acoustic and uncluttered, but with rich textures and nicely subtle use of location sounds from the Bass Strait Islands. Judy's rich voice and the fine players are well served by the sound engineer. An album of very intimate music meticulously realized...'

Doug Spencer, ABC Producer, The Planet. Featured CD Thursday19th September

'...Particularly beautiful and decidedly poetic, it's worthy of the spectacularly lovely packaging(which features etchings by artist Doug Hails.)
Lucky Oceans, featured CD 'Best of the Month' The Planet ABC Radio National

Program notes from ABC Radio National The Planet website '.."Spring Song" Traditional( Preserved via a recording of Fanny Cochrane Smith in 1903 - in 1899 Fanny was the singer on Australia's very first sound recording)
Doug Spencer, ABC Producer, The Planet. Featured CD Thursday 19th September

'...I thought it was good, She's done well, Judy visited and I'm happy she's done it'
Sunday Tasmanian. Excerpt from Simon Bevilacqua article quoting Auntie Enid Dillon (Descendant of Fanny Cochrane Smith)