wild dog hill  

Eltham Town Jazz & Blues Heritage Festival Jan 27th & 28th 2007
The Wild Dog Hill Studio Original Composition and Performance Awards 2007
The awards are for two categories:

1. An open age award for the best original composition, with or without lyrics, in a Jazz or Blues style.
The winner will receive a recording session at Wild Dog Hill Studio valued at $1800.00 (Cost of three days
recording and mixing) with a second prize being an encouragement award of $300.00 cash (donated by the
Eltham’s Midway Arcade)
2. An under 20 age group category for the best composition or performance with or without lyrics in a jazz or
blues style from a student or student / amateur band.
The award for this category will be two days recording at Wild Dog Hill studio valued at $1,200.00 (donated
by The Hurstbridge & District Community Bank), with an encouragement prize of $300.00 cash (donated by
MacDonalds Eltham) as a second prize to the runner up.

We will take the broadest interpretation of the genre. Styles could include Traditional, Mainstream and
Contemporary Jazz, Traditional, Roots and Contemporary Blues, Gospel, World, Folk, Swing, etc. The
independent panel of judges will be the final arbiters as to whether or not a composition is within the

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Award Rules and Conditions

1. Entrants in the second category must be 20 years or younger
2. Entries for both categories close 18th December 2006 or when 60 entries in each category have been received.
Entries received after this will be returned to sender unopened.
3. Limit of one composition/ performance per entry and one entry per person
4. Send your composition/performance on a CD or Tape Cassette only, with a lead sheet with melody and/or
chords and typed lyrics (if any).
5. Six finalists in each category will be selected to perform their entry in the Original Composition Concert as
part of the ETJ&BH festival on Sat the 27th Jan 2007.
6. The composition in the fi rst category must:
I. Be an original work written by the entering composer(s).
II. Not have been recorded for either commercial or independent release.
III.Credit traditional melodic or chordal usage, such as traditional forms like blues, rags, stomp forms…etc.
IV. Be no longer than 5 mins
V. Be recorded for judging by no more than a quintet, which could include a rhythm section of Bass & Drums,
Piano or Guitar and two other lead players or vocalist and lead player, but may also include other combinations
of instrumentation. This need only be a home recording and quality of the recording will not be taken into
VI. If selected, be performed at the Original Composition Concert by the same instrumentation as on the entry
recording. If the entrant is unable to perform they may send a substitute performer with prior arrangement with
the organisers.
7. The composition/performance entry in the under 20’s category can be either an original or non-original
composition, within the genre of jazz or blues performed by a student band. (above rules 6/II to 6/VI apply)
8. A non refundable entry fee of $10.00 inc GST applies, cheque or money order payable to Eltham Chamber of
Commerce and Industry Inc.
9. Judges will consider aspects such as Melodic and Harmonic structure, lyrical and emotional qualities,
improvisitional suitability, performance skills, stylistic integrity, social relevance and compliance with the rules.
Failure to comply with the rules will result in disqualifi cation.
10. The judges decision will be fi nal and no correspondence will be entered into.
11. The entrant gives the right to Eltham Town J&B Heritage Festival to use any recording of the fi nalists in a
possible future CD collection of winners. The entrant confi rms the holding of copyright to the work.
12. Finalists will be announced by Friday the 12th of January 2007.
13. Entry implies acceptance of the rules and conditions of entry.

Click here to download PDF entry form